Revizor recommends Oreanda Hotel in Yalta

Revizor recommends Oreanda Hotel in Yalta

The main entrance of the Oreanda Premier Hotel was recently decorated with a prestigious honour given by the popular investigative journalism programme on TV called Revizor (The Inspector).

The show, which tries to separate fact from fiction in the world of consumer services in Ukraine, features indefatigable and uncompromising host Olga Freimut, who visited Yalta at the end of May and visited the hotel which, for more than a century, has been considered one of the most fashionable and respectable hotels in the city.

Revizor is known for its impromptu inspections of hotels, restaurants and other service sector businesses across the country, their visits often leaving second-rate hotel and restaurant managers scrambling to cover up examples of shoddy quality and services. Every establishment is rated according to six main criteria: location, interior design, service quality, food quality, comfort and cleanliness, and price. At the Oreanda Hotel, Ms. Freimut was pleasantly surprised and delighted by, among other things, its great location on the seashore, the bright floral arrangements in the lobby, the ease with which hotel receptionists spoke with this «foreign» guest in English and the special attention paid to guests ensuring peace and quiet during her stay.

A standard double room chosen by Ms. Freimut was inspected very thoroughly and left the TV host pleased with its classic interior, high ceilings, wide assortment of drinks and snacks on offer in the mini bar and the quality toiletries presented in the bathroom. And with her typical white-glove treatment, Ms. Freimut on behalf of Revizor pronounced the room «very clean».

By the end of the inspection, Ms. Freimut’s verdict was unequivocal: «The Inspector recommends the Oreanda Hotel to everyone in Ukraine!»

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