Visa services

We offer comprehensive service starting from information for visas to legalization of documents.

Our experienced visa consultants help you to be sure that you have the documents that is required for the country you are travelling to, and that you have the stamps and certification that are required for the countries you are going to be doing bussines.

  • We assists business travellers with current visa information as well as instructions and application documents prior to their trips.
  • We also assists companies and their employees with information regarding what requirements those countries that they do business with have in regard to the legalization of documents.
  • We provides with business visa support according to the rules of a consular section in all embassies located in Ukraine.
Our visa support includes the following services:
  • Qualified consultations about requirements and necessary documents, terms and rules of consular sections and embassies;
  • Application form filling;
  • Checking of received documents from the travellers before passing them to consular section or embassy;
  • Courier's services for delivery/feeling/receive of documents which are required for visa in consular sections;
  • TRIME consults foreign citizens on Ukrainian visa procedure.
Visa support application
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