Service Standards

Services StandardsThe standardization service quality program has been implemented to ensure high service standards of our clients at TRIME.

This Program guarantees that your order will be fulfilled properly and at up to the mark.

Our company spent much time and made every effort to ensure appropriate work of our program. We developed and implemented a new CRM system to improve the work with orders which results in overall control over their fulfillment and minimizes mistakes.

The CRM system serves as a tool for the ongoing control over processing of orders from our clients, starting from the first call to completion of all reservation procedures and rendering of the service.

In accepting and processing your orders the CRM system automatically identifies our client and warns the consultant of the necessity to follow specific rules for the provision of services with due account for all special tariffs, frequent fliers cards, and other terms set forth in the Service Agreement.

A specialized department of TRIME analyzes feedbacks and wishes of our clients on a permanent basis and develops new approaches to meet the requirements of our clients for the provided services to the greatest extent possible.

We assume responsibility for possible mistakes, irrespective of their reasons and responsibility for solution of arising in this case inconveniences during the trips of our clients, since it is not possible to avoid a "human factor" in full.

To raise service standards on a constant basis all TRIME employees upgrade their skills through taking part in field-oriented trainings.

We cannot guarantee any weather conditions or absence of technical deficiencies or failures, but in these cases we can help and find an optimal solution how to resolve such situations.

Entrusting your orders to us, you can be sure that we will always accompany you.

Please let us know forthwith should you encounter non-routine or complicated problems, and we will do our best to make your trip comfortable and successful.

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